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Cirque Portes du Soleil

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So here we are. Season number 8 for the Mountain Lodge. December starts as it does every year, staff arrive, work flat out all day getting things set before getting to know each other over dinner and a few drinks each evening. Rinse and repeat this for a week or so and the staff are left eager and feeling ready to welcome the first guests to the hotel.

… Were we ready? Hmm… Perhaps not for everything!

Our first arrivals were a group of about 35 people. All travelling together, corporate something or other? Should be simple. We organised them a coach to bring them all to the hotel from Geneva airport and knew roughly when to expect them. Everyone was in position when the time came but there was no sign of a coach anywhere.

Then we heard something in the distance, not clear enough to make out, but certainly not a sound made by nature or mountains. The noises grew louder, soon we could hear laughter and conversation as they came into view. ‘… I think they’ve had a couple of drinks already.’ Said one member of staff, indeed they had!

That set the tone really, what a fun group to start the season off! They partied every night and skied every day, it was a great test for all of the staff and a great test for all the clients livers. The highlight was their majorly hyped up ‘circus theme’ party. We had been told to expect some pretty impressive costumes but the amount of effort that must have gone into their costumes was unbelievable. Especially when you consider it was all packed and brought over in their plane luggage! A huge thanks to the JDO group for being so much fun, and for setting the fancy dress standard so high! Don’t believe us check out some of the attatched photographs.