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Cabin Stringfever

What’s more fun than a week skiing and socialising with our guests?

…Not much really?

We meet some wonderful people in the hotel, the relaxed atmosphere striking up friendships between staff and guests, guests and guests, and all manner of people throughout the season. It’s a perk of the job for our staff. This was especially true when we filled the hotel with ‘Stringfever’ and their motley crew.

Stringfever are a string quartet, made up of 3 brothers of varying sizes and a B.F.C ( Big friendly cousin that is! ) They travel all over the world performing musical medleys, themes from films and TV, and some classical pieces any ear would recognise! The Stringfever boys have made it to the hotel in varying numbers in the past, having stayed in chalets in and around Les Crosets for a number of years. This year however they went big scale, booking out the whole Mountain Lodge and bringing out 55 friends and family members. In addition to the 4 Stringfever talents they had a host of other musicians among their group, complete with a piano, a number of electrical violins and bass instruments, a guitar, the ability to clap and some willing vocal chords. The hotel was buzzing from the moment they arrived until about 2 days after they left! They played every night in the bar and restaurant, staying up till 3AM on some nights… The rest of the time they played until 5, maybe 6 in the morning. A couple of them didn’t go to bed at all some nights!

That didn’t stop them skiing however, every morning they were up for breakfast, skiing all the way to Les Gets on one day. They really know how to squeeze the most out of a holiday!

However, all good things must come to an end, and as sad as it was to see them go, we think it’s fair to say both parties were glad to have a good night’s sleep. The hotel has kept busy in the time since. We’ve had some beautiful days out skiing, it’s felt like spring! Keep your fingers crossed for snow everyone, and Stringfever, get some sleep!