Sustainable tourism and social responsibility

Mountain lodge is committed to sustainable tourism and treating the environment we live in with the respect it deserves.

As an alpine hotel we are embedded and dependant on the environment to continue our business and as such take many measures to limit the impact we have on said environment.

We try to conserve energy wherever we can, utilising geothermal energy for our hotel’s heating and replacing outdated technology with modern energy efficient equipment.

In order to be more environmentally friendly, we comply with all of Switzerland’s environmental suggestions. Recycling as many materials as possible and continually striving to find ways to phase out non-recyclable material.

Mountain Lodge is committed to utilising local suppliers and limiting food miles and unseasonal ingredients. We aim to exhibit the best of our local area which has plentiful high quality ingredients.

As an independent business, we are driven by individuals and we are proud to be socially responsible in our recruitment.

We are a Swiss business utilising local contracts for our team. Mountain Lodge does not inhibit any individual from any back ground or ability from having an equal chance in applying for employment.

Our hotel complies to all European accessibility standards and we are committed to consistently adapting and developing in order for all guests and all staff to be comfortable in this environment.

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